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Mindful Sensory OT Services

Mindful Sensory Occupational Therapy Services is an independent business owned by Helen Chinn, an Occupational Therapist helping people with mental health recovery for trauma and neurodiversity. Helen also offers trauma-sensitive mindfulness teaching and mindfulness courses for carers. Helen has over twenty-five years of experience working in the NHS, and in 2022 left the NHS to set up her own practice.

The website provides detailed information about Helen's extensive qualifications and her commitment and credibility. The site acts as a virtual sanctuary, providing a calming atmosphere that mirrors the tranquillity Helen seeks to create within her therapy sessions.

Through imagery and testimonials from clients whose lives have been transformed the site showcases the tangible impact of Helen's work. It gives visitors a glimpse into the transformative journeys she guides her clients through, encouraging them to reach out and take their first steps towards healing.

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Thanks so much David for your commitment, skill, and patience in designing and setting up the website for my business. I appreciated your collaborative approach and commitment to developing a website that truly reflects me and my work. I’m delighted with the outcome – the site is well presented, easy to navigate and aesthetically pleasing. I’ve had very positive feedback from clients and visitors to the site and I’m confident it will support the development of my business going forwards.

Helen Chinn, Mindful Sensory Occupational Therapy Services.
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