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Grilli Type

Grilli Type the Swiss type foundry latest font is GT Ultra and dances between the worlds of sans and serifs, fusing calligraphy and construction.

Typography & Work

Twyla Tharp on Project-Based Organising - Your computer is your working environment for many of your waking hours. Until you take control of it and design it to support the kinds of thinking you want to do, every minute spent there will continue to feel taxing and distracting.

A Brief History of the Ampersand

A new translation by Jean-Marie Clarke of Jan Tschichold essay dealing with the successive designs of the ampersand glyph has been re-published in a facsimile version. The text is structured by a collection of 288 carefully selected and commented ampersands, which constitutes a brief and concise introduction to the history of Western writing and typography. This new translation is published to …

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