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Notes & Links #6

100 colours no.21 "Christmas Forest in 100 colours" Installation by Emmanuelle Moureaux. Her installation series – 100 colours – express emotions from the experience of colours and layers of Tokyo. Unveiled in 2013 to celebrate the 10th anniversary of her studio, she is planning to exhibit "100 …


Notes & Links #5

Getting Started with CSS Grid – An overview of when to use CSS Grid, all the parts that make it whole, and how to inspect your layouts. Part 2 : Three Coding Approaches. Blackhole - Share any file fast and private. Move your files around the web with high-performance file transfer service that …


Notes & Links #4

Improve page layouts with Affinity Publisher’s column guides . Column guides divide a page into evenly spaced columns and rows. As a design aid, they are a non-printing overlay on your document that is used to position and size elements to fulfil desirable design qualities like balance and harmony. …


Notes & Links #3

' We moved to the forest to fight climate change '- Janne Utriainen, his wife and four daughters are tackling climate change in their own way: they’ve moved to a remote location in northern Lapland where they live off the land. Leslie David Studio - Paris. We aim to propose a creative vision and …


Notes & Links #2

Beautiful branding for the new Prince Akatoki hotel opening in London. 'The name Akatoki comes from an ancient Japanese word for dawn. It captures the optimism and positivity for the day ahead. As the sun comes up each morning, guests at The Prince Akatoki will wake up relaxed, rejuvenated, and …


Notes & Links #1

My life is better when… The 10 things that really matter, Summer 2019 . Ian always writes a good post and reminds me to do those things that bring you alive and get you out of the office and doing something different. A Father Transformed Data of his Son’s First Year of Sleep into a Knitted Blanket …


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