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Grilli Type

Grilli Type the Swiss type foundry latest font is GT Ultra and dances between the worlds of sans and serifs, fusing calligraphy and construction.

Photography, CSS and Films

A look at the iPhone Photography Awards, CSS Shadows and Gradients and a couple of films, Gunda and The Reason I Jump.

Digital or Analogue Projects

I’m available for client projects, big or small. If you are interested in working with me on a digital or analogue project, including website design, graphic design, handmade books and leather goods. Get in

Source Code, Kirby & Reina Takahashi

View the source code of a web page. View source allows you to view the source code of any device on any web page on the internet. You can also type view-source:+URL to view the code of a page. Inspect Browser by

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