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Notes & Links #12

The Totally Locally Fiver Fest is a big celebration of Britain’s fantastic small businesses and shops, many run by families or individuals, but ALL contributing massively to the economy of the UK and the well being of our towns. Anni Albers, The “Designer’s Artist” Who Put Women on the Grid . “Anni …

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Notes & Links #11

The art of privacy in the digital age - How can you stop leaking information about yourself online? Advice from an ethical hacker and a former MI5 intelligence officer. Charlotte Perriand - From saw-toothed ski resorts to radical recliners, her bold creations caused a sensation. But Le Corbusier …

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Notes & Links #10

The Data Detox Kit gives you clear suggestions and steps to help people harness all aspects of your online lives, making more informed choices and changing your digital habits in ways that suit you. Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra new logo - Really nice display logo. Powerful New CSS for Styling …

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Notes & Links #9

Cycling Through the Trees . A new elevated circular bike path winds through the Belgian forest just outside of Brussels. ‘Cycling Through the Trees’ is part of the Limburg bike route, and works its way up to a height of 32 feet, placing riders inside the forest canopy. Some great shots of the path. …

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Notes & Links #8

The Ancient Art of Marble Painting Gets a 21st-Century Update Young female artisans are revisiting the age-old craft with new patterns, techniques and modern applications that move the tradition into the world of interior design. Sittingbourne Mill . Photos taken in August 1950 at the Sittingbourne …

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Notes & Links #7

Getting Started with CSS Grid : Three Coding Approaches from Viget. Understanding Specificity in CSS . Specificity in CSS refers to the how browsers determine the importance, relevance, and “seniority” of CSS styles. Beyond Browser Vendors - Brain Kardell. He explains what he thinks is potentially …

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