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Three Articles

Ian Sanders wrote a nice article on reflection and renewal, taking a short trip away from your base to look back and forward especially if you are a creative, In search …

Typography & Work

Twyla Tharp on Project-Based Organising - Your computer is your working environment for many of your waking hours. Until you take control of it and design it to support the kinds of …

Summer in Kintyre

A couple of shots from a walk I took in Kintyre, close to where I live. Not quite the Med but a nice day. As you can see the sea has turned a turquoise hue caused by the coccolithophore algae bloom.

See, Listen & View

A new show at the Design Museum – Charlotte Perriand. Charlotte Perriand (1903-1999) was one of the most influential furniture designers of the early modern movement, working with

Jūtaku - House

'Jūtaku’ is the Japanese word for ‘house’. Showcasing an experimental nature of contemporary Japanese residential architecture. Nowhere in the world have architects built …

Animated Book Covers

A new series of animated book covers by Henning Lederer. Books & Sleeves – a new set of animated covers – based on the question: How would these great book graphics and …

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