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Typography & Work

Twyla Tharp on Project-Based Organising - Your computer is your working environment for many of your waking hours. Until you take control of it and design it to support the kinds of thinking you want to do, every minute spent there will continue to feel taxing and distracting.

Summer in Kintyre

A couple of shots from a walk I took in Kintyre, close to where I live. Not quite the Med but a nice day. As you can see the sea has turned a turquoise hue caused by the coccolithophore algae bloom.

See, Listen & View

A new show at the Design Museum – Charlotte Perriand. Charlotte Perriand (1903-1999) was one of the most influential furniture designers of the early modern movement, working with Le Corbusier from 1927-1937 and bringing us the

Jūtaku - House

'Jūtaku’ is the Japanese word for ‘house’. Showcasing an experimental nature of contemporary Japanese residential architecture. Nowhere in the world have architects built so many small and exceptional homes as in Japan.

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