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Notes & Links #5

Getting Started with CSS Grid – An overview of when to use CSS Grid, all the parts that make it whole, and how to inspect your layouts. Part 2: Three Coding Approaches.

Blackhole - Share any file fast and private. Move your files around the web with a high-performance file transfer service that secured with blockchain technology.

Styling Links with Real Underlines – Hyperlinks are the defining feature of the internet; and from the internet’s inception, they have been underlined. It’s a universally understood convention. The meaning is crystal clear – an underline means a link.

Take a Deep Dive Into the Relative Scale of Atoms Through the Tip of a Ballpoint Pen. The Super Zoom is a new computer-generated animation that shows how everything in the universe is made of minuscule foundational elements. The 3 minute-long short grounds itself with a relatable starting point: a ballpoint pen and ruled paper.

Watch a Conservator Delicately Remove Murky Varnish and a Warped Wooden Panel From an Ageing Painting – The Conservation of The Assassination of Archimedes Narrated Version.