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Notes & Links #14

Whodunnit? is a new kind of investigation. This series on Radio 4 looks at children and those born in summer do worse than children born in autumn or winter. Not every one of them of course, but on average the effect is strong and clear.

The 90 Minute Morning Routine that Can Change Your Life. An effective morning routine can determine how your whole day turns out. If you start the day by reaching for your phone, you’ll start the day with a self-imposed cognitive deficit.

Phone backgrounds made by a bot. Great patterns and designs.

Powerful Portraits of Enormous Ocean Waves. Luke Shadbolt captures ocean waves in his large-scale aquatic photographs. Printed at 150 x 100 cm, the colour and black-and-white images show the dramatic shapes and dynamic textures of open water when agitated by major weather events.

GitBook is a documentation platform where you can document everything from products to APIs and internal knowledge bases.