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Notes & Links #1

My life is better when… The 10 things that really matter, Summer 2019. Ian always writes a good post and reminds me to do those things that bring you alive and get you out of the office and doing something different.

A Father Transformed Data of his Son’s First Year of Sleep into a Knitted Blanket - A visualization of his son's sleep pattern from birth to his first birthday. Interesting use of digital and traditional crafts showing sleep patterns.

Making Peace With The Feast Or Famine Of Freelancing - if you are freelance this piece is worth a read and how it can deeply affect our self worth and mental health. Plus some strategies to combat the quiet times.

Worth a watch - Leonard Cohen : I’m your Man - Cohen reveals his trademark wry humour and soulful intensity, using his own artwork, poetry and personal collection of photographs to reflect upon his colourful past and his creative process.