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Friday Five #3

Images of the giant iceberg A81, from the British Antarctic Survey on the Brunt Ice Shelf when a large crack in the ice, called Chasm-1 broke free. It is now floating approximately away from its origin. The Brunt Ice Shelf is one of the planet's most closely monitored ice shelves and is home to the BAS Halley Research Station.

Album: Let Me Put Myself Together – mu tate. The album’s eight pieces recall the sensations of tumescent skin, wandering conversations and sparking fingertips in the dawning hours of the after-party on the one hand, while equally evoking a sense of midnight seclusion on the other.

Handmade: Leather Goods, Books, Cards & Digital Printing I also run another site making handmade goods, including leather goods, cards, books and provide digital printing. Take a look!

Design-by-wire -How AI will shape designers, not replace them – Matthew Ström. As AI gets better at design, it’s natural for designers to be worried about their jobs. But I think the question is — will AI replace designers?

Creating Content Blocks With AI By using this approach Paul describes how you can chunk large blocks of content provided by stakeholders into something that users can more easily consume and are more likely to remember.