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Friday Five #1

Tim Ferriss talks to Rick Rubin, legendary producer about timeless methods for unlocking creativity, secrets hidden in plain sight, the future with AI, working with strong personalities, breaking out of 'The Sameness', and more. All in his new book The Creative Act: A Way of Being.

Film - The Living Record of Memory. A documentary about the importance of the moving image. Film archivists, curators, technicians and filmmakers worldwide explain what film preservation is and why it is needed. Not yet available in the UK but hopefully soon.

Murmurations; Ornitographies Project. In winter, starlings join in flocks of thousands of individuals to try to confuse the hawks that attack them, doing a mesmerising dance. This video is part of the Ornitografias project, a project in which Xavi Bou has been working for years, which consists in visualising the beauty of bird flight paths.

The Art and Magic of Editorial Retouching Bringing an artistic vision to life requires many people but know two people have quite as much influence as the photographer and retoucher.

Vintage Airstream Renovations Airstream trailers emerged in the 1930s and became emblems of Americana—specifically automobile-oriented vacation culture—by the 1950s. Today, many Airstream owners and designers overhaul the vintage travel trailers by incorporating updated features while preserving the quintessential Airstream style.