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Frank Lloyd Wright

Welsh architect Jonathan Adams sets off across America in this BBC show to explore Frank Lloyd Wright’s masterpieces. Adams argues that Frank Lloyd Wright is now an even more important figure who can teach us how to build for a better world. Wright's belief in organic architecture – buildings that grace the landscape and respond to people's individual needs – is more relevant than ever.

In a career that spanned seventy years, Frank Lloyd Wright changed the face of modern architecture and building methods. During this period he built over 500 buildings. Wright's Welsh mother was born and raised in West Wales and emigrated to America with her family in 1844. Her son Frank was raised in a Unitarian community in Wisconsin. The values he learnt there were based on the love of nature, the importance of hard work, and the need to question convention. Wright's architecture was shaped by these beliefs, he built his home in the valley he was raised in and named it after an ancient Welsh bardTaliesin. Two of Frank Lloyd Wright’s most famous buildings are Fallingwater, which has been called the greatest house of the 20th century, and the Guggenheim Museum in New York which reinvented the art museum.