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Books for your Reading Pleasure

A couple of books and a book list for your reading pleasure, plus I sneaked in a short TV series. Mexico celebrated through the eyes of designers - A new book, Mexico: The Land of Charm, brings together 350 artworks, celebrating the country’s rich history of art and design.

100+ Must-Read Books In 2021 - written by the Do Team.

Nina Simone's Gum: A Memoir of Things Lost and Found by Warren Ellis. It is a story about the meaning we place on things, on experiences, and how they become imbued with spirituality. It is a celebration of the artistic process, friendship, understanding and love.

It's not a book but worth a watch, Winter Walks Series 2, available on the iPlayer. There short, only 30 minutes long but make you want to get out for that walk, which does you so much good.