Bits & Pieces

  • Glass Ruler

    Draw and measure with accuracy using this glass ruler.

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  • Frank Lloyd Wright

    Welsh architect Jonathan Adams sets off across America in this BBC show to explore Frank Lloyd Wright’s masterpieces. Adams argues that Frank Lloyd Wright is now an even more important figure who can teach us how to build for a better world. Wright’s belief in organic architecture - buildings that grace the landscape and respond to people’s individual needs - is more relevant than ever.

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  • MacOS Wallpaper in 5K Resolution

    Every version of Mac OS X macOS has come with a new default wallpaper. You can download them in 5k resolution from 512pixels for retina displays.

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  • Net Neutrality

    Today, July 12, 2017 is a day of action to save net neutrality. Net Neutrality is based on the idea that all ISPs treat all data equally whatever type of content it is. The Federal Communication Commission in the USA wants to change this and allow ISPs to choose which data is sent more quickly and which sites get blocked or throttled (slowed down for competitive reasons .

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