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Jūtaku - House

'Jūtaku’ is the Japanese word for ‘house’. Showcasing an experimental nature of contemporary Japanese residential architecture. Nowhere in the world have architects built so many small and exceptional homes as in Japan.


Animated Book Covers

A new series of animated book covers by Henning Lederer. Books & Sleeves – a new set of animated covers – based on the question: How would these great book graphics and record covers from the past look like when set in motion?


Features a Blind Person Faces Every Day

For blind and visually impaired people, accessibility is the difference between being able to use a website and clicking off it. These are the five most annoying inaccessible web elements a blind screen reader faces every day, and how to fix them. They include; auto-playing audio and video, …


Japanese Paper or Washi Blog

Washi is created with significantly less harm to the environment than modern wood-based papers using large amounts of chemicals. An interesting article on the making of Washi paper from the Awagami Paper Mill in Tokushima, Japan.


Pham Huy Trung – Photography

Photographer Trung Huy Pham takes a great range of photographs around Vietnam. He recently captured lilies from the water-covered rice fields annual harvest in the Long An and An Giang provinces in Vietnam. See a selection of his photographs on his website.


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